Gingerly Lizzy

Nothing but complaints
2002-10-23 - 8:27 a.m.

I figure that I am not going to take in too much consideration of people's opinions on my baby stuff/name survey. I mean, all in all, it only matters what MY favorite names are and man... some people have some JACKED UP favorites! No offense...

If I cannot shake this cold/flu junk, whatever it is I have, I think I will die from lack of sleep. Either that or I have developed some kind of BIONIC BUG that is resistant to amoxicillin. And that CAN'T be good.

You know what really stinks? What really stinks is that I dropped my wedding ring on the tile floor last week and I notice now that it has a dent in the top which really stinks. I didn't know that platinum was so soft!

I know, listen to me... complain, complain, complain.

There is no where I would rather be right now, then curled up in some flannel jammies and tucked into bed. Am I there? No. Instead, I am sitting in this freezing cold office, bored out of my MIND!!!

Woe unto me.

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