Gingerly Lizzy

Amber Cuddles
2002-10-25 - 8:56 a.m.

Last night, I crawled into bed and just lay in the crook of Daves big strong arm while he read his spanish book. He was wearing a bright orange old navy fleece and I was in a soft, red, turtleneck sweater and collectively, they made for very nice warm ultra snuggly, snuggles. And for a moment, I fell asleep... but only for a moment. The I just lay there, breathing in his smell, feeling his heart beat, studying his strong jawline, watching his eyes as he read, feeling so much adoration and love that I was about to burst, and not wanting to move. Ever.

And for a little while, I felt that elation that only comes when you first fall in love with someone and are laying there realizing how much you love them, and that you think maybe they love you.

When you have been married, after awhile, things just seem to get comfortable and those feelings seem lost forever, those first "IAMSOENRAPTUREDBYTHISPERSONANDTHISISEXCITINGANDAMAZINGANDSCARYANDWONDERFULATTHESAMETIME". But every now and then, in moments like the one I had last night, they come flooding back and remind you of those beginnings and also become stronger because of your experiences and comfort that you have experienced over time, together.

And I am so excited to have a little one, that we can share the warm glow of our "family" with.

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