Gingerly Lizzy

I can SEE you are pregnant...
2002-10-30 - 9:20 a.m.

Back to the good ond rinky dink office where there is nothing to do but surf the good ol' internet and think about the millions of things that need to be done at home... while I sit and do nothing allllll day.

Tommorrow is moving day. And do you think I have packed more than a quarter of the apartment up? If so, then you are WRONG, WRONG, WRONG.

Tonight, it is a stop by UHAUL to buy boxes and pack, pack, pack. And sorry, no update. This will have to do.

I was so tired last night... perhaps it was the hour commute both ways yesterday, or the busy pace that I am not used to, or the fact that my body is using as much energy just being pregnant, as it would if I were climbing a mountain. But whatever it was, I hit the sack at 9pm and fell asleep right away until Dave came in around 10pm and started kissing and snuggling me awake. The little fart nugget, he is a SNUGGLE-A-HOLIC.

And don't you worry, I am still dead tired this morning.

And yeah, I have to starte eating more than bean dip and tortilla chips and a bag of popcorn for dinner. I am sure baby is NOT appreciating that!

So "The Ring"? Well, if you want to actually be able to get up at night and go to the bathroom without having to wake your husband up and as him if he has to go too, hoping that you can go together... (and don't forget, being pregnant, this happens at least, Oh, five times a night!) don't bother going to see it.

I sure wish I never had. I have a much too wild imagination that tends to take off in the dark and make me avoid the hallway mirror and run like the wind to and from the bathroom while annoying my husband by keeping the light on.

Scary, Scary, Scary. I am NOT too grown up to be able to handle such movies. I am NOT!

And you know what really sucks? Being only one and a half months pregnant and having someone tell you once you've told them you are pregnant "I thought so, you are showing a little already..."

NO I AM NOT! I am just going to chalk it up to the fact that I had a little tummy before and due to my hardened uterus, can't suck it in anymore thus giving me the appearance of being twice as pregnant as I really am. OH WAIT!!! Bloating, I can factor that in too can't I?


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