Gingerly Lizzy

2002-11-01 - 8:42 a.m.

Hahahahahah, the drama which is my life. Soooo, at the moment, David and I are living in the garage. Literally. Every earthy possession which we own is freezing to death in the garage.

Why is this you ask? Welllll, because the carpet doesn't go in until today, the electrician finished late yesterday and the lights haven't been hooked up yet, OH and the plumber who was supposed to come yesterday is SUPPOSED to come today. We will see. If he doesn't, we will be living out of the garage until Monday, maybe later.

So after hours of scrummaging last night, I finally found my hairbrush and stuff to wear to bed and to work today, but not socks. SOOOO, I have some white tennis shoes on (BIG Fashion Faux PAS!!!) with NO SOCKS!!!

Lovely. Did I mention it started to snow this morning?

But Wait! Don't let me get ahead of myself here. So we pack... and pack, and pack and pack and then the whitetrash man who was supposed to get our UHAUL for us at 1:00 decided that for an hour, he would help every customer that came after us with their emissions, and that that was more important. Don't worry, it isn't like we are in a hurry or anything, it isn't like my in-laws aren't waiting, freezing on our doorstep at this very moment, or that some rat's in the neighborhood won't remove all the boxes from our porch so that we are left desolate.

Finally we complained enough that an HOUR later, the lady in the front store helped us and we were on our unmerry way.

So then it was up and down, up and down the stairs, carrying heavy box after heavy box... and not to mention that my lower back is ALREADY sore due to pregnancy or that I have the equivalent energy of a gnat.

THEN it was drive and move everything in the garage, watch my things get thrashed around and possibly demolished (holding my breath) and find out that none of the guys who were supposed to finish the apartment showed up and THUS we might end up living upstairs with Dave parents, living out of the garage until MONDAY.

Oh, and lets talk about the fun cleaning experience...

moving all the food from the fridge into his parents walk in at the restaurant (FUN, FUN, FUN!), cleaning out the fridge wiping down every wall, cupboard baseboard surface. Getting attacked by a tarantula when moving the fridge to clean BEHIND it. Oiling the wood cupboards, removing and cleaning all blinds light fixtures, vents, etc. On hands and knees scrubbing floors... hands red and raw and hangnails galore!

All because of the retarded LIST my landlord gave us reading at the bottom that we wouldn't get our deposit back unless we did EVERY THING on that list.

We started at 4pm left at 9pm. You do the math. Keep in mind it is a ONE bedroom apartment measuring approximately the size of a large refrigerator box.

SO, we finally get back to Dave's parents house were I gorge myself on soup and bread and fall into bed, greasy hair and all, only to be kept awake by the noisy little bums downstairs.

OH! I almost forgot to tell you about the beast of a furnace that happens to be in the very upstairs bedroom that we are sleeping in. When it goes on once every hour, it sounds like numerous small children having a go at the pots and pans. Yes, waking up every hour on the hour was definitely refreshing. I really needed that.

And I needed spilling an entire glass of water right into my purse which happens to be holding, at the moment, many more of my valuables than usual... I hope my camera still works.

WAIT! There is MORE! Have you ever used Dave's 16 year old brothers bathroom? No? Then you have NO IDEA what my suffering has entailed this morning.

SO, I have decided that we are NEVER, EVER moving again. This means we will only be able to have one child and Dave will have to forget about the orthodontist stuff because there isn't even a dental school IN STATE.


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