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Show and Tell
2002-11-07 - 8:54 a.m.

Good Day!

Okay, so frustrations are ebbing and I know I haven't updated in a little while but that is because I have been working out of the busy, busy city office. Back to the good ol' valley now and peace and quiet and extreme boredom!

The apartment is amazing and finally starting to feel a little like home. The doors still have to be put on, the bathroom fixtures (towel and tp racks) and mirror have to be put up and get some blinds on the window but after that is done, blisssssssssssssssss.

I have about three quarters of my unpacking done and a million loads of laundry to do that accumulated while we were apartmentless...

But it is SO, SO, SO nice!

Dave is still jobless, we are going to work on his resume this morning and pray for the best. This might be a good thing if he can find a job that has good medical benefits.

My boss is singing to me right now. I bet not many of you have 58 year old bosses that sing to you don't you? It would be great if he actually knew the melodies of the songs he is singing! But it is sweet don't you think?

Last night was Dave's birthday. We looked for an MP3 player which is what he wanted ... didn't find one, and went to eat at Black Angus. That is where my good ol' sis Katie works and LET ME TELL YOU HOW MUCH FOOD WAS ON OUR TABLE!!! Holy Cow. She got us a ton of free stuff and we ended up with three take-out boxes and a huge piece of killer chocolate cake!!!

All in all, it was a good night and I got to do a lot of showing and telling David how much he means to me.

Which is a LOT!!!


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