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Movie Mumbo Jumbo
2002-11-08 - 2:08 p.m.

What a loooooon, loooooong day. The good thing is I have been a lot busier at work. The bad thing is, it is bad busy, meaning lots of problems with the lists that I was given and guess who gets to iron it all out... good old meeeeeeeeee.

I am almost completely done unpacking and "setting up house". I have come to the conclusion that I MUST be a packrat because the only way I could ever be truly satisfied is to have a MASSIVE amount of space to put things away in. I STILL find myself cramming in this much larger space which is odd. I am wondering how I ever got anything to fit in that last tiny apartment in the first place.

Good news is we are getting our whole deposite back so that will be a little extra money. Thanks to my amazing cleaning abilities!

Friday night and I have NO plans but to snuggle with my hubby (who has been looking out of this world sexy lately; I can barely stand it)and rent Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya sisterhood and VEG OUT! Oh, and don't forget, fill that ever present craving for popcorn!!!

HAHAHHA, I just called Dave to see if he could pick up my movie while he is out and about looking for a job.

I said: "Honey, can you stop by blockbuster and pick up that movie that I want to see?"

He said: "ooookay".

I said: "Do you remember what it is called?"

He said: "Yes"

I said: "What?"

He said: "The Hee-Haw Girls"

HOW FUNNY IS THAT! He was dead serious too. I think I just wet my pants.


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