Gingerly Lizzy

Poor Rich Folk
2002-11-11 - 10:17 a.m.

What a short weekend it was. But a good weekend, filled with sleeping in, and eating junk, watching trading spaces on TLC and "Hee Haw Siseters" (which was really good I might add), snuggling and loving, interacting with friends and getting bugged by sister-in-laws.

The apartment is really starting to feel like home, my tummy is starting to harden, I am starting to think that 7 months is much too long to wait before I can cuddle my baby, and also too long to be stuck in this boring, monotonous job.

Dave still hasn't found a job, and we found out that the last two paychecks, they didn't pay the taxes on but gave him the same amount they would give AFTER TAXES. How scummy is that! I told him he better demand the full amount or I will PERSONALLY turn his boss over to the IRS. There aren't a lot of jobs out there right now. I am thinking that Dave might just have to go and paint somewhere else. He really doesn't want to, but we really need to two incomes right now.

Sister in law and I had a disagreement. Basically about how I think it is WRONG that someone has three homes, four cars, two of which cost $140 thousand dollars, and numerous other ridiculously expensive things, when there are people out there PICKING THROUGH GARBAGE EVERYDAY JUST TO FIND THE FIRST MEAL SINCE A COUPLE DAYS AGO. I am not saying that you should NEVER indulge. But there are extremes. There are wants, and there are needs. And I don't think it is right to spend so much on worldly things...

She says I shouldn't judge. It isn't judgement, it is common sense. I vow that even if we are loaded beyond loaded, I will NEVER have a $140 thousand dollar car or even something along those lines. I will never buy something so expensive that I could feed a small country with it, just to show my neighbor up. I will give, and give, and give and be content with being like everyone else.

Otherwise, I would feel a little too guilty to sleep at night. No baby news to speak of. I am now two months along, and still haven't been sick one day. Lucky Me!

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