Gingerly Lizzy

"Wake up and do something more..."
2002-11-12 - 9:17 a.m.

I need to stop watching maternity ward on TLC, it is starting to scare the "I want a baby now" right out of me. There are a few reasons why it isn't good that we have cable now. Those would be, trading spaces, a baby story, (TLC in general, which is good but takes up too much time) and the real world. Because that show is such a bunch of garbage but for some reason when I start watching I can't stop.

I am a little peeved with Dave right now. I mean, I know that when he works, he is a hard worker, but I just wish he would work HARDER at finding work. Seems like he is taking his sweet time, sweet time that we really don't have. And it bugs me that when I just called him to ask him if he can call the phone company to get things set up, he says "why can't you?" ummmm, maybe because ONE OF US is at work and that is a long time to be on hold and you aren't doing anything anyway but lounging around the house right now.

AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! I know it is early to be so frustrated but the thing is, if it was me, I would have had five interviews set up already.

I am going to tell him by the end of the week, if he hasn't found anything, he is going to go paint with our friend and neighbor. He already offered Dave like three jobs all better paying than the one he was in. It seems to me that Dave is liking the whole school and not work and sleeping in concept. I on the other hand, am getting bitter.

*deep breath*.

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