Gingerly Lizzy

NO Sunshine in this office
2002-11-13 - 8:54 a.m.

Yesterday, Dave and I watched darling little Reese, who wasn't being completely darling. He was cranky (must have been tired) but refused to sleep or calm down.

Gave me a little wake up call. Every now and then, I think "what am I DOING!".

This is going to be a major change... no more endless amounts of free time. No more complete stress-free silences.

But, that is okay. I am sure it will all be worth it. And I sure it makes a big difference when the baby is your own.

I made banana muffins last night. They were a hit with Daves parents. I brought some upstairs and then Dave, upon returning from the gym, told me that his parents were debating whether to split and eat the one I had left for his little brother. I love it when people love my food!!! I happily sent two more up. I guess I am going to have to make those more often.

My boss is singing again. I think it will be followed by four or more songs... Every time he sings, of course, I have to say "beautiful, wonderful, lovely" and then he takes that as cue to sing an entire record. Not to mention that he seems to be a little congested right now because in between each phrase he is clearing his throat rather loudly.

It wouldn't be so bad, but I think I am pretty close to having perfect pitch, because any note that is just slightly off tends to be as excruciating as fingernails on a chalkboard.

I have also discovered another thing that is equal to the fingernails on the chalkboard, dry feet on a carpet, or utensils scraping teeth... toenails touching me at anytime during the night.

Dave is in bad need of a trim so it makes it worse. I got gouged a few hundred times last night and I realized that I can't even STAND the feel of someones toenails touching my feet or skin at ALL.

I think I might have kicked out a few times. POOR DAVE. I also managed to convince him last night, in my semi-conscious state, that I had seen someone walk in and out of our bedroom. I scared him half to death because I was so convincing but didn't quite remember it myself when we woke later.

I am sure that mine and Dave's sleep habits are entertaining enough that you could set up a gallery behind a false mirror and they would be quite amused by all of our sleepy time antics.

The Sleeping Soaps.

My boss is now singing along with a horrible kareoke version on the computer... YOU ARE THE SUNSHINE OF MY LIFE...

no explanation needed.

Come and save me. Now. PLEASE?

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