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Canadian's are dumb eh?
2002-11-15 - 9:17 a.m.

You know what song I just can't get enough of today? "More Than a Feeling" by BOSTON! I AM a BUTTROCKER!!!


What reminded me of this fabulous song and caused me to play it over and over on the way to work this morning was the 100 Greatest Love Songs show on VH1 last night. I enjoyed it immensly. I just wish I could have held out on sleep until the end of it!

All of the my good friends from CT (AKA the NANNIES) are going to meet in SLC this Saturday night for dinner and catching up. All of those girls are the most fun in the world so it should be a blast. And Dave will be gone for five hours on Saturday to the BYU game, so that means I get to watch all the TLC my little heart desires and bake. Maybe I will even squeeze in some cleaning too.

My boss was patronizing me this morning (he always does it, one of my biggest pet peeves!!!) because I made an oopsie and thought that California was a little bit under Utah (meaning a little south of Utah, push over AZ a TAD and you get my way of thinking) OKAY, SO SUE ME! I AM CANADIAN!!! At least I knew the general area. I mean, it isn't as if I was wayyyyyy off. Why do so many Americans expect every other country to know everthing about theirs when people still ask me if we "have burger kings in Canada? live in igloos?" And my all time favorites... "did you have to buy a whole wardrobe of summer clothes when you moved here?" Because yeah, five minutes across the border makes all the difference. Or how about "Do you have stop lights in Canada?" No of course not! With the dog sleds, traffic just runs a whole lot smoother!

Not to mention, Katies ex used to work at the border. One guy came through thinking he was going to a business lunch in Montreal and only planned to be in the country for a couple hours. (MONTREAL IS 13 HOURS AWAY!) "It was only this big on the map!".

Or the van full of guys dressed in snow gear with snowboards tied to the top of the van IN THE MIDDLE OF AUGUST!

Of course Katie's ex got a kick out of letting them through and telling them to have fun!

Mind you, most of those people tend to be from Ohio. Don't ask me why.

Did you know, that one of the most popular tv programs in Canada is one where the host travels around the US asking people AND POLITICAL REPRESENTATIVES the most absurd questions about Canada and they actually buy it? For example. The mayor of ALABAMA actually signed a petition to LEGALIZE MICROWAVES IN CANADA. Or how about the one where they got people to express their outrage of the "fact" that Canada ships off all their ederly to Greenland once they pass a certain age. Or getting people to sign a petition to build a new Parliment building in place of the one MADE OF ICE IN OTTAWA.

Oh, those crazy Americans. Gotta love em.


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