Gingerly Lizzy

Much too tired.
2002-11-18 - 8:40 a.m.

Sorry Molzo, didn't really mean to dis Ohio but truly, all the people with the dumbest "over the border questions" are from Ohio. I am sure that there are dumber states but maybe Ohio is just in closest proximity to the Windsor/Detroit border.

And no mayors? Well govenor then... whatever, some political figure.

Well, what a fun relaxing weekend. Too bad I only got like 2 minutes of sleep last night due to my thoughts being unable to stop and Dave's snoring. I swear, he is getting worse, night by night.

Saturday night we did a cleaning overhaul on the apartment and that night headed up to S.L. for the "nanny dinner". Man was that fun to see all the girls again. Red Rock was a pretty good restaurant. I had some kind of PEAR SOUP for my appetizer, it had crumbly blue cheese throughout it. Everyone tried it, everone hated it except for Katie and myself. Must be the Canadian influence??? But it was different, different and goooood. Then I had filet mignon for dinner which is one of my favorites, and very good.

Question of the day. Does anyone know where filet mignon comes from on the cow? Or why it is different then regular steak?

Afterwards we went for ice cream and that is where Dave fell off his chair. I was trying really hard not to laugh hysterically until tears came out my eyes and I felt like I was going to throw up ... but...

I failed miserably. He was rocking FORWARDS on his chair a little and I guess the floors were a little slick so the next thing you know, we all hear this big CRASH and I look across the table and Dave is looking up at me with these stunned eyes. Tropic boy (Katies love) couldn't stop laughing over the fact that the chair kind of had Dave pinned (the top of the back was pressed against his neck, he was still sorta sitting in it) and so he had to wrestle with it a little before he could get up.

Poor boy, but I was proud! Made me love him even more.

You have to understand. Dave is quite the "suave" character. Smooth, cool (unless you are me and you get to see his completely goofy side) So it made it even more funny.

So today I need to figure out some way to get my boss to let me go home and sleep for a few hours. Otherwise, I think I just might snap.

*drool* "Must... get... sleep!" *nods off onto keyboard*

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