Gingerly Lizzy

BUFF-D The Lady Slayer
2002-11-20 - 9:00 a.m.

214 Days until I hopefully get to hold our new baby in my arms.

That just seems like SO LONG!

And don't think I didn't take a piece of paper and put a stick on it for every one of those days and plan to cross one out every day until I get down to the very last one...

I like count downs. I know it will probably make things seem longer but I can't help it. Every since I was a kid, I always made a count down, to ever major event or vacation or anything that I was just really looking forward to that seemed a long time away.

My husband? Dave? Is getting BUFF! And I mean Mr. Muscle extrordinaire! He has been using this new protein stuff and creatine before his workouts and in a matter of weeks, you can tell a HUGE difference. Mind you, he was always very fit and more on the muscle-y side but man, he is turning into a FEAST-YOUR-EYES-LIZZY-SPECTACLE-OF-A-MAN.

Wouldn't you know that as I am getting FATTER and can't do all that much about it, he is getting BUFFER. When I have that baby, I am going to have a lot of work to do to keep up with him.

Not to mention, he might be coming into a job possibility of being a personal trainer at our gym soon... he would work three our four days a week-twelve hour shifts and then have the other days off. Some of which would be weekdays which would be nice because he could watch the baby while I run errands and just spend time with us.

The one thing about having such a buff husband is all those boy crazy Utah girls out there to whom wedding rings mean very little (NO GIRL, you did NOT just wave and wink at my husband while I am standing right next to him, come over here for a minute while I deflate those additions stuck to your chest).

Ahem, of course, I am not in the least a violent person and so that would never happen but a girl can scheme can't she?

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