Gingerly Lizzy

getting nervous
2002-11-21 - 8:47 a.m.

Dave still isn't working. He was supposed to start another painting job yesterday but the guy never bothered returning his phone calls... an obvious sign that he is flaking on him.

And I am starting to panic. Christmas is coming and forget about gifts if he isn't able to find something soon.

I miss the days of being completely independant, and providing everything I needed for myself. You get married, things get more expensive and a lot of times two incomes are needed to survive. Especially when one of you is a full time student. And it doesn't help that Dave was making more than I do...

Thinking of burying my head in the sand...

Of course, I am not saying that I would rather not be married... of course not. It just seems that there are more worries now, more responsibility on the way. I just have to remind myself to take a deep breath, and that this won't last forever.

*deep breath* "this won't last forever, this won't last forever.."

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