Gingerly Lizzy

Wonderful Life
2002-11-26 - 8:49 a.m.

Someone tell my brain to stop messing up my sleep with these disturbing dreams. It isn't right to dream that a few of your siblings are evil and are chopping up all the other ones while I feverishly run around trying to protect the littlest ones. Yes Katie, you were one of the evil ones.

It seems like I toss and turn and wake up feeling like I just ran a marathon. Sleep isn't something that has been to satisfying for me as of late.

The doctor asked about it yesterday. He seemed quite interested when I told him of the disturbing dreams and nightmares I have been having.

Perhaps I should stop watching CSI/Maternity Ward before bed. That might be contributing. Too much blood and guts.

I had my blood drawn at the hospital. Even though I spent one hellish week there back in February, I still love hospitals. Particularly this one. I love the hustle and bustle of people and doctors on their way to mending. I love the smell, the energy, the drama of it all.

I could see myself being a nurse... if I wasn't so squeamish about some things. But I would LOVE to work in a hospital... something about it...

I have a bag full of grape tomatoes in my purse, and half read magazine on my desk, and today (even though it is Tuesday) feels like a Thursday because tomorrow will be the last day of my work week.

Plus, I have a husband who does funny little dances for me in the nude before I leave for work that makes me laugh all-day-long.

What a wonderful life!

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