Gingerly Lizzy

2002-11-27 - 8:47 a.m.

Today is Friday in the works sense of the week. Thank GOODNESS!!! I don't know if I could have handled another day in the pit of boredom.

Dave's sister Jen who I love to pieces flew in last night late. Sorry to say I couldn't hold out on sleep until then but that is okay, I'm sure I will get to see plenty of her tonight and this weekend.

I avoided eating ANYTHING after nine last night. Not that I pig out or anything, but I usually at least have something small. I think it helped with the dreams because I was able to avoid the fitful dreams and actually get some rest. I am definitely going to have to make a habit of that.

Looking at the headlines in the paper this morning, and I see that supposedly, scientists have succeeded in cloning a baby that is to be born sometime in January and you have to wonder if this child will lead any semblance of a normal life or if they will be poked, prodded and studied their whole life... like the Dionne Quintuplets... what a tragedy that was.

You’d hope mankind would have progressed far enough not to, but ask me if I have much faith in that and my answer wouldn’t be to positive.

Anyway, enough of all this serious talk. I hope all of you have a marvelous thanksgiving, stuff your bellies full, hug your family and friends and get some extra rest. Most of all, I hope we can all remember to be thankful this holiday because I think people often forget that it isn’t just about the turkey. In honor of it, I am going to start my thankful list right here:

I am thankful for:

loving Husband.


This wonderful life that is growing inside me.



job (yes, I am even thankful for that)

still functioning car

to be from and be living in a free and peaceful country.

our new apartment

my talents

my sister being so close by

good books

good food



the opportunity we have to spend Christmas with my family this year YEY!


Audrey Hepburn


the fuzzy afghans that my grandma knitted.

my grandma

apple pie

the beauty of this state and the view of mountains that I get to see whenever I leave any building

good doctors

TLC/Trading Spaces

medical insurance

grape tomatoes

clean water to drink



trials that make me grow stronger

hugs and kisses

warm baths


What are you thankful for?

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