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White Elephant?
2002-12-04 - 9:21 a.m.

David and I went and saw Harry Potter last night. There weren't very many people in the theater and the few that were there all had small children with them. I didn't mind too much. I even thought it was cute the way one little toddler raced into the isle her dad chasing behind her, she was letting out this loud, adorable giggle the entire way. I had my feet propped up on the bar in front of our seats and there was a baby boy in the seat in front of it. At some point in the movie he reached his hand through the seats and grabbed onto my boot. It scared me for a second until I saw his fuzzy, half grown blond hair sillouetted by the light of the movie screen. He just held on for a minute and then let go. What a darling little thing.

I notice that Dave seems more excited, and more observant of toddlers now. It is a fun change to watch.

I liked Harry Potter. Except for the spider scene. I could have done without that. I am already arachnaphobic enough.

Dave and I stopped for Krispy Kremes on the way back home. I got a powdered blueberry and a cinnamon apple filled. Of course, I haven't eaten either of them yet. Didn't want to bring on the bad dreams last night.

Tonight is my work Christmas party. These are always fun and the food is always really good. This year it will be even more fun and less awkward because I know the Salt Lake Office people a lot better due to having to work in the office a few days this year. We do white elephant gifts, which frustrates me because half of the people bring something decent, and the other half bring something quirky or truly "white elephant" meaning totally retarded.

Last year, I wrapped up that pooping pig keychain my mom gave Dave for Christmas (the gel part "poop" was even a little dirty which made it even more "white elephant") and a bag of plastic, light as air, golf balls.

Whoever got the keychain didn't seem to amused I remember. Hey, I got a suther with a golf ball stuck to the end of it and some over the hill mug, and Dave got a honey-doo hammer.

But that is what "white elephant" gifts are all about.I would have died laughing if I got the pooping pig.

But then you have some people who don't understand white elephant complaining about their gifts and it just ruins the whole thing.

It should be ONE or the OTHER, not both.

Wow, what a long rant that was on absolutely nothing.

Anyway, I haven't decided what I am going to give yet. I think I will visit the novelty store after work today and pick out something goofy.

To keep the spirit of gag gifts alive.


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