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My Coconut Shrimp Face Man
2002-12-05 - 9:22 a.m.

Last nights party was pretty fun. This restaurant was really beautiful... amazing atmosphere, all little white lights and aderondack styled. The food on the other hand, wasn't as great as we thought it would be. It wasn't BAD mind you, but it wasn't that great either. The lady sitting across from me got the chicken (Dave and I got the NY Strip), and it was raw. And by raw, I mean, COMPLETELY uncooked. Asking for death. Pink and completely slimy. RAW! I have only seen chicken that raw before I put it in a pan and stick it in the oven. We were all a little horrified. The waitress walked by and we didn't even have to say a thing. She took a look at what we were all looking at and whisked the plate away before we had the chance to utter salmonella.

They gave us all cards with a $100 bill which is pretty dang generous considering the BIG HUGE FAT BONUS they had already added to my paycheck. I love this company. I mean seriously, they actually CARE about their employees. The owner, even though he is a millionaire, shares the wealth with everyone else, and still lives in the same little house and drives the same old car he did BEFORE he became a millionaire. Nothing to do with stingy, everything to do with humility.

The white elephant gifts went well I received a copy of the 1960 home economic or possibly etiquette for ladies class book entitled, time out ladies, or something like that... some of the chapters included:

What is a boy?

What is a girl?

Cothes, and growing old gracefully.

Understanding sin.

Being a wife...

you get the point. Hahahaha. The picture of the lady on the front showed a cross the size of her face around her neck. All in all, we had a good laugh over that. The other book was an ancient one about sentences and phrases and constructing them and it had to literally be the most boring book on the entire face of the planet, I AM SURE.

I gave a rearview mirror that you stick to your computer to check if anyone is coming (hahaha, the admin got it so that will come in handy I am sure) it says in the mirror "Objects in mirror are crabbier than they appear".

I also gave The Blue Book... if any of you haven't seen this book yet, you really should, it is adorable. It is a guide to chearing you up and has pictures of all these animals acting out the specific emotion or action. HILARIOUS!

You know, being with David anyplace makes it so much more fun! Especially when after he has finished eating coconut shrimp he turns to me and asks me a question and lo and behold, there is a mass of coconut shrimp remnants stuck to his chin. Was he doing this on purpose to make me laugh? NO. He was completely unaware that he was sporting a buffet on the lower half of his face.

This is why I love him. I couldn't stop laughing and told him he better wipe off his chin.

He is adorable. And you'll be hard up to find a man who can look as sexy as he can with an assortment of food stuck to his face.

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