Gingerly Lizzy

2002-12-06 - 9:23 a.m.

My good friend Staci stayed over last night. She just got back from spending two years in the jungles of Bolivia and darn it that girl looks GOOD. She went and saw her exboyfriend to iron some things out and test some waters and I don't know what time she got home but I checked at 1:45am and the lights were still on,and then again at 3:am and the lights were off.

Dumb bladder.

I am not too fond of this waking up twelve times a night to use the bathroom.

Dave says I was talking in my sleep last night, telling him to "knock it off" and he had fun with me answering "no" and I would tell him to "give it back" and he would tell me "no it's mine" and I guess this went on for awhile and he got a few good laughs. I don't remember it.

HOWEVER, I DO remember seeing a BIG HUGE SPIDER crawling across the wall about two inches from my face while I was in the shower this morning. Certainly a nice wake up call. I instinctively called out for David but of course he was asleep so I was forced to "gulp" kill it myself.

The problem with this is that I am so terrified to kill the spider that I grabbed the biggest wad of toilet paper I could get and tried to squish it. I had so much toilet paper it was basically like giving the spider a big squishy hug so it took a lot longer for him to die. I think when he hit the toilet water, that might have done the trick.

When I told Staci of the big spider,and pointed another one out on the wall, she laughed... in Bolivia, she saw some as big as dogs cross over her path.

I am trying to push that thought as far from my mind as it will go.

Dave and I are going to try and get all of our Christmas shopping done tonight so that we don't have to face the crowds tommorrow. It can't be all that busy on a Friday night right? I mean, I know a lot of teenagers hang out at the mall on weekend nights but they don't usually have all that much money to spend anyway so I shouldn't have to deal with lines... right?

I also think that today, when I am at the height of my boredom, I will decorate the office for Christmas.

Yes, that will do nicely to keep me awake.

Have a good weekend everyone!!!


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