Gingerly Lizzy

2002-12-09 - 9:20 a.m.

You know, sometimes it is really worth it to wait on hold forever to complain. Because I don't think charging $1.57/minute to call to Canada is reasonable at ANY time. It is especially not reasonable because we never reinstated MCI as our long distance company... and we had a plan a month ago that was $.07/minute from them so really... do they think we are a bunch of idiots?

That is okay, because the long distance bill, which was costing me $24.45 for a total of 4 calls to Canada, most of which were under a minute, the longest being 11 minutes, is now costing me $2.32. That is more like it.


Two more work weeks until I get to go HOME and sleep in and dread returning to work again. There is NO WAY that I would still be working here if the baby weren't coming and we didn't need the benefits.

It is a wonderful company but MAN, can it GET ANY MORE BORING?


We ate at two great restaurants this weekend... one too many but Daves friends were going up to Salt Lake for dinner and he really wanted to go with...

One was a kitchy little Tai restaurant where the food was authentic and the waitress was darling and Dave laughed at me because I smiled at her so much.

The other was in Salt Lake, I can't even remember the name of it but the food was AMAZING!!! I had this citrus marinated halibut and Dave had the steak with a buttery sauce over it. I think I ate half of his steak it was THAT GOOD, and my halibut was amazing too.

These particular friends of Dave's are sort of "not so much fun" to hang out with. The two guys are great but their girlfriends... another story.

The one is totally quiet and somehow I don't think it is because she is shy but more likely she is stuck up. The other can be great on her own but still, they both are not very warm people.

I like warm people. People who smile at you even though they don't know you yet. Who put forth an effort to get to know new people and seem genuinely interested, people who not only talk about themselves, but ask questions about you. Who try to find some common ground. Who are openminded enough to befriend others who might be a little different than they are.

These girls are NOT these kinds of people.

My close friends ARE these kinds of people.

I prefer the philosophy that there is always room for new friends, it makes life a lot more fun... none of this "I have all the friends I need" junk. What kind of sour attitude is that?


Dave and I also bought our digital camcorder this weekend. It cost a pretty penny but wasn't the most expensive one there... despite David trying to get me to consider those overpriced Sony's. It is such a fun toy! I can't wait to use it! I will have to try and figure out how the stills work and how to upload them onto this computer so that I can show you some shots of our new apartment.


Almost completely finished our Christmas Shopping too. Phew... relief. I just hope we can fit everything into our suitcases.

Now I just need to find time to take my car in to the shop before the brakes give out on me on the freeway and I die.

That should be up there on the list shouldn't it?

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