Gingerly Lizzy

Little Person with a HUGE Heart.
2002-12-17 - 8:53 a.m.

Owwwwy, owy ouch!!!

I almost ripped off one of my new fingernails in the process of trying to open my car door this morning, which I didn't know had frozen shut. That was fun. And now my finger is throbbing like CRAZY, and I keep checking to make sure blood isn't pooling under my poor little acrylic covered digit.

For some reason last night, I shook Dave awake, told him to switch sides of the bed with me, proceeded to crawl over him and push him out of the way, and the go to sleep on his side. That is SO weird. I can't think of any reason WHY I would have done that, but I do know that I wasn't sleeping all that well on my side and then when I slept on his side, I was sawing logs.

Always sleepy time drama for us.

The boss is out of the office today, which is bad because it makes the day EXTRA boring but good because it means if I get too tired, like yesterday, I can just go curl up on the floor or his office and take a nap (which he lets me do so it is all perfectly legal).

I swear the cleaning guy was supposed to come last night... there is some mexian food in the garbage that is just stinking up the whole place and making me sick. I would take care of it myself but I have no idea where the big dumpster is outside and since I am on phone watch, I can't very well go hunting for it. Guess I will move the garbage as FAR away as possible from my desk.

So yeah, the other day, my little sister (who just turned 9) walked up to my mom with a quivering lip and told her that she had written to Santa (she is very sweet!) and that all she wanted for Christmas was not to have a "broken home". Well, this is a very hilarious statement to make about my family since they are about as brady bunch and Cleaver as you can get, and my parents are very, very together.

My mom asked Hannah why she thought we had a "broken home" and Hannah started to cry that "Lizzy and Katie moved away and the boys are getting old and pretty soon they will move away and I will be all by myself" Guess she doesn't count my 13 year old sister Emily as good company. My mom stifled a laugh, and explained to Hannah that our home wasn't broken and talked to her about how when kids get to be a certain age... they leave home and make a home of their own. BUT STILL! ISN'T THAT ONE OF THE CUTEST THINGS YOU HAVE EVER HEARD?

Last March, while Dave and I were visiting, my dad came into the kitchen and said "Hannah is crying (she is also very sensitive) because she asked me 'if Lizzy loves Dave more than me' and I told her yes" Way to go Dad! (of course he didn't mean it to sound that way) Good phrasing!!! So I went in there and she was hiding halfway under the bed crying her little eyes out and I had to convince her that I didn't love him MORE than I loved her but that it was a different kind of love.

You have to understand something about my sister, she was born with dwarfism. She has a completely normal mental and emotional capacity, a few minor physical limitations due to her height but she amazes us all on a daily basis. The last of my parents children, I don't remember her being planned but of course in my family, another child is the icing on the cake. It wasn't something that was caused by any action that my mom did... just a genetic fluke, could happen to anyone. But let me tell you, what this little person lacks in stature, she sure makes up for in love and personality. Personality abounds in Hannah. She never passes up the opportunity to offer help, or just a hello to a stranger on the street. She once told a biker in the dr's office "hey, I like your tatoos!". Not to mention she offered a magazine to everyone who was waiting and then asked an ederly lady using a walker if she would like some help.

That is the littlest and most loved member of our family. And the joy that she brings in immense and immeasurable. She has huge blue eyes, and unruly honey blonde hair and does a hilarious dance to that song "who let the dogs out" that will have you laughing for days.

She is our most loved, little person.

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