Gingerly Lizzy

2002-12-19 - 9:02 a.m.

So yesterday after I got home from work and went to bed and dreamed about Christian Slater, when dave woke me up by turning on all the lights and so I was very cranky for about an hour after that while we drove straight to the restaurant to have steaks,to be served by Katie and celebrate his Dad's birthday for which we forgot to get a card and since it was snowing outside when we left we had to drive very carefully to the mall to finish our Christmas shopping (which I didn't finish) and pick up a birthday card and a baby blue zip up hooded sweatshirt for Dave's mom which was super hard to find and my feet were killing me by the time we actually did and finally got to go home and crawl into bed where we were trying to "have some fun" but ended up laughing so hard for some unknown reason that I almost peed my pants and had to make a run for the bathroom (like that isn't what I do everyday, all day) and finally fall asleep where I had very disturbing dreams about running away and some guy named bob from my gradeschool who had really chubby cheeks and freckles and he was trying to put the moves on me? But luckily I woke up in time or else might have been scarred for life and so that means today I have a million and ONE things to do and I don't think I will even get three of them done because two of them are really big and I really, really need to figure out what I am going to get my grandma for Christmas and this is stressing me out and one more sleep till baby heartbeat day and two more until Canada and ... I can't wait.


How's that for a run on sentence Mrs. Perfect?

Can you believe I actually had an English teacher named Mrs. Perfect?

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