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2003-01-02 - 9:48 a.m.

I know it has been ages and ages since I updated. I just didn't have any desire to fight with the ancient computer at home in Canada to get on the internet.

The holidays were good. It was SO nice to spend time with my family, and hard to leave. I guess I realized that was the last time I would see them before my life changes drastically. I wish, wish, wish that they lived closer.

We ate a lot of good food, lot of fattening food and wayyyy too much junk food.

Time to start going to the gym for some mild working out.

My littlest sister Hannah found out that there was no Santa Claus and was unconsolable for a good hour and a half. My second "littlest" sister Emily is as tall as I am with LONGER LEGS!!!

My dad is more silver and looking more distinguished than ever.

Our flight got cancelled on the way back and we ended up having to stay at the Hilton in Detroit. That wasn't much fun, spending two consecutive days waiting at the airport. My patience is almost completely expended for the year.

I think I am popping out here. Dave and I went and purchased a slew of maternity clothes yesterday since I can no longer do up the top button of my "big" jeans.

I still haven't felt the baby move yet, but hopefully will soon. It also read that by now, an ultrasound will usually determine the sex of the baby. I have my next appointment on the 17th but they didn't mention anything about an ultrasound so I think I will call and see...

I think my sister might marry Tropic Boy. MIGHT being the operative word here. I haven't spoken to her in two days and from what my mother tells me, some serious words have gone down.

Over the holidays, I say the Two Towers, which we both loved but sat so close to the screen that we were having to pan to see the whole picture. We also saw Catch me if you Can which was by far one of the best movies I have seen in awhile.

We didn't do much for New Years. We had some very good friends of ours in town so we went to dinner with them (dinner was bad) and then went back to our house and watched a movie and caught up.

Speaking of catching up, I think there are probably enough diary entries that I need to catch up on from my buddy list to keep me busy ALL DAY!

The busier, the better.

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and New Year...


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