Gingerly Lizzy

I like big ... TUMMYS!
2003-01-03 - 3:35 p.m.

The weekend is almost here, and Dave and I have too many plans for tonight and not enough for tomorrow.

I just love him so much. It seems as time goes on, our marriage gets better and better and I can't wait to see what this little person inside of me will bring to our love.

I am wearing some cute new maternity clothes that we got on New Years. Tan kaki pants and a black, 3 1/4 length t. The pants fit and look great and even though the shirt is a little "tent-y" I still think I look pretty chick for a preggo lady. I really need to get some pics up here don't I (as you all nod).

One thing I love about maternity pants - the elastic waistbands. Make my frequent trips to the loo much more effecient.


I have requested a new layout design from my very talented and lovely friend Shanni. I know it will be fabulous and so I am quite excited about that!

Check out her design site at and for a VERY economical price, she will hook you up with a layout to die for. Wait till you see!

In other news, David might be getting a job at our gym as a personal trainer (they would train him for that part). I guess he impresses them enough with his physique and his connection that they might offer him a job sometime here soon. Just what I need. While I am getting fat, he gets even buffer and gets to watch all these tight little butts on the stair climber. The irony of it all. Perhaps after the baby, that will motivate me to get my own booty in gear. HAHA!

Actually, since my last visit, I had only gained 1lb so that isn't too bad is it? Lets not talk about the visit before that... hee hee hee!!!

Oh well, its mostly all tummy, as long as the butt and thighs don't follow tout suit, I will be a happy camper, and I bought enough vitamin e oil and palmers cocoa butter to last a lifetime.


Happy weekend everyone!

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