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Nail Torture
2003-01-06 - 8:54 a.m.

Wow, that weekend just flew by. Much, much to short.

Doesn't everyone just love my new layout? SOOOO cute. It was great not having a coronary trying to get the HTML right myself. Come back from the weekend and voila! Thanks Shan...

This weekend wasn't too eventful. Friday night Dave and I headed up to Salt Lake for a celebratory dinner with Lanae and Brandon and lots of the other nannies. It was a lot of fun but we left early and didn't join them all for bowling because we were going to meet up with Amber and Dallas (who ended up not coming over...). It's okay though, by the time 9:30 - 10:00 pm rolls around, I am ready to roll into bed.

Saturday Dave went for his interview at the gym and it seems like he is going to get the job. He is pretty excited about it and should find out this week. The great thing about this job is that it would be every other day, I believe on Tues, Thurs, and Sat. LOOOOOONG HOURS. For the next six months while I am working it will be hard because I will only see him Mon, Wed, Fri after work and then of course Sunday. I am going to be LONELY. Think I might end up spending a lot more time at the gym... MOTIVATION!

Saturday we also went and saw Tuck Everlasting which Dave thought was "slow" (not his kind of movie) and I thought was sad but like it quite a lot. Afterwards, he came with me to the nail place so I could get a fill.

This little place is Asian ran and owned and they do the BEST nails this side of the west. The funny thing is though, the people that work there hardly ever say a word to you. For some reason on Saturday, this one guy was really talkative, asking me where I went to school, if I lived around there, how long, and then told me I had really beautiful eyes and asked the girl sitting next to him to look at them. I almost fell off my seat. I SWEAR, this guy was hitting on me. All the conversation stopped and soon as Dave walked in and gave me a kiss and sat down and I think the guy probably blanched a little when I stood up sans coat and he realized I was married and expecting. Still, it was flattering and nice to have some conversation instead of the dead silence. Katie goes in there too I think, pretty regularly. I wonder if they think we are the same person?

I don't think I am going to get them done after this though. For one thing, my nails grow WAY too fast. For another, every time I go in that place, I come out feeling like my digits have just undergone some kind of torture. I have discovered I have sensitive nailbeds, and the guy who does my nails, although talented, is anything but gentle. This time, the excruciating pain resulted from him somehow ripping part of my pinky nail from it's little nailbed and then proceeding to buff, sand and file, not to mention douse it in chemicals that made it feel as if it had been dipped in acid. All while I bit my tongue to keep from screaming bloody murder and kept reminding myself that labor is going to be much worse then this, I am sure.

Saturday night, Dave and I laid around the house trying to think of something fun that we could do. If I wasn't pregnant, we would have either gone night snowboarding, tubing, ice skating, snowshoeing, to the indoor rock climbing gym... etc, etc, etc...

but alas, those are not options for me in the present state. It really limits our fun winter options.

So we just laid around, complaining that there was nothing to do until I got hit with a severe case of digestive cramps and decided to crawl up in ball under the covers and wish I was dead.

Ahhhh, the joys of pregnancy. These joys kept me out of church on Sunday, in my pajamas all day and wishing I had eaten a lot more bran or something.

But that is as far as I go with that.

I am so ecstatic to be back at work this lovely Monday morning. Ohhhh, that Canadian sarcasm at work.

We have a workshop tomorrow which means I have the lovely privilege of waking up and all the attendees to remind them of it.

Better get to it.

Have a good Monday all!

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