Gingerly Lizzy

Whoa Nelly!
2003-01-09 - 8:53 a.m.

So last night I came home to a David in a foul mood because today he has his interview with the bigwig from the gym (who everyone calls an egotistical tyrant) and he had to do this with a cold sore the size of Texas by the corner of his mouth. He was NOT a happy camper. I tried to tell him that I am sure a cold sore would not be a reason NOT to give someone a job, he insisted that a big part of actually getting the job is based on physical appearance... true. I tried to tell him that he could just point it out straight away when he met the guy then to avoid any Austin Power like scenes where the man can only stare at the blemish...

That did not help. I was tired, frustrated, needing my holding and since I am pregnant, all of my hormones were going kamikaze on me and I just started BALLING.

I'm not talking a little tear here or there, I am talking niagara falls, with a nose that instantly turns into a faucet and the type of wailing that no matter how hard you try, still comes out. Dave sat on the couch opposite me and just, well I don't know because I was just going and going with my face pressed into the corner...

Finally I calmed down and managed to make it to the bathroom to wash my face of all the tears and snot and then said "lets go grocery shopping."

Hormonal? I would say yes.

I felt better though, but Dave was scared out of his wits and wanted to talk about it. I had nothing to say so we went to the grocery store.

Dave was afraid to go in because my eyes were still swollen and purple and he thought people would think he had punched me in the eyes or tortured me or something.

I joked and started to walk with a limp.

It was a good grocery shopping and Dave divulged to me that I had scared the heck out of him and he thought I was going to ask him for a divorce or something (bless his heart! NEVER!). I once again had to explain that I am a little more emotional that usual lately and probably will be for the next six months and no need for him to question my love for him... it is long and going strong.

We got some blueberry cheesecake Haagen Daz (sp?) and headed home for a good snuggle and sleep.

I feel much, much, much better today. Thanks for asking.

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