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Attack of the NYQUIL clone.
2003-01-10 - 8:27 a.m.

Dave got the job! (I told him the cold sore wouldn't matter...) My husband will soon be an official personal trainer! His experience will really come in handy once this baby comes out and I am in bigtime need of one. And he is SO happy that he doesn't have to paint anymore! He is taking this semester off school so that we can save some extra cash and really, since he is transferring to BYU there is no point to him just taking a couple classes that will cost the same as if he took four.

Last night we celebrated with some great steaks that he picked up from the grocery store. So I actually cooked. I really need to start doing that on a regular basis - need more protein in my diet for this little bebe.

I had my first baby dream last night. It was kind of weird because it was sorta set in the 18th century but whatever, it was a baby dream. Our baby was almost 1 year old and started to walk (everyone was amazed). SHE was really cute with light brown hair and blue eyes and I just remember feeling that "I couldn't love you anymore than I do" feeling. It was so great. This and our intuition combined, I am betting hard that this little one is a girl.

I guess we will find out in a few weeks or so if we are right.

Last night I got so mad at Dave! Lately I have been having a hard time sleeping and can't seem to find a comfortable position (I know, I know, it will only get worse!). He was snoring like crazy every five minutes and waking me up every time I told him to roll over. Usually he only snores when he is sleeping on his back (he is very broad shouldered so this is the most comfortable position for him) but I only have to ask him once and he goes to his side, stops snoring and I fall asleep. That will maybe happen three times a night usually. Not too bad. But LAST NIGHT, it happened EVERY FIVE MINUTES. I was not getting any sleep and every time I would ask him to turnover he'd say yes but not move.

Finally I got a not so nice tone when I asked him and he SWORE at me and said a bunch of other stuff I don't remember (none of it was very nice). I was furious and was like "hey buddy, if you wanna sleep in the same bed every night, you have to learn ROLLOVER because you are keeping me awake with that snoring and ignoring your pregnant wife who is REALLY tired is just plain INCONSIDERATE!) I was almost yelling this at him by this point. So finally he rolls over but I am so mad that I can't get to sleep... UGGGG.

So this morning he snuggles over to me as usual and I said "you don't deserve snuggles for being such a brat to me last night." and he got this puzzled look on his face...

"for getting angry at me for me asking you to roll over because you were snoring..."

Another puzzled look.

"And you didn't need to swear at me!"

Dave: "What? I got mad? I swore at you?"

Me: "You don't remember?"

Turns out that Dave took some NyQuil last night (he has a cold) and I had no idea. The reason he was ignoring me was because he was about dead (that stuff really knocks him out) and he didn't even remember getting mad at me at all! We had a good laugh about it as I explained how close I came to kicking his tush to the couch. NO MORE NYQUIL FOR THAT BOY!

I'm just glad he wasn't really mad at me for trying to get some sleep!

Geesh. Enjoy your peaceful slumber while it lasts, all you single ladies.

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