Gingerly Lizzy

Lovely at home days.
2003-01-15 - 8:48 a.m.

Stayed home yesterday to try and fend off what I think was the worst of this cold.

I think it might have worked. Besides a stuffy nose and a tad of an itchy throat, I feel pretty good today.

Dave started his job at the gym yesterday. He looked so cute in his tear away's and sweatshirt, I wanted him to stay home all day and cuddle with me. At least he got to come home early (early for him is around 9pm - he will usually work until 11pm).

It is great to see him so happy, I am glad he won't have to paint anymore and the great thing about this is they will certify him the be a personal trainer so when we move, he can always do that on the side.

Plus, it doesn't hurt that he has the potential to make a lot of money :)

I didn't do much yesterday but sleep, do some laundry and light cleaning, watch a little TLC, drink a lot of orange juice and then later picked up a lovey-dovey card for David and some treats and a movie for us to watch (About a Boy) which we will watch tonight since it was too late and we were tired.

I wish every day was a stay home day!

Maybe if I enjoyed my job a little more, I wouldn't mind so much.

My car needs to go into the shop BADLY. It is making three different noises. One is a belt (that high pitched squealing...), another is some metal on metal squeaking sound when I turn left (axle maybe?) and the last is my breaks hissing every time I go to stop. I have a feeling these repairs are gonna cost me a pretty penny. Lets hope not...

I need to take down the Christmas tree in the office. I have been putting if off and off but really, no need to procrastinate anymore.

I should be feeling the baby any coming week now. I can't wait. I find myself lying really still or just concentrating, trying to see if I can feel anything.

Dave has been adorable, touching my belly whenever he can, calling me his "cute little pregnant wife"... I am basking in the attention.

OH, and I got my snoogle yesterday! (a huge C shaped pillow to support my belly and help me get a little more comfortable). I slept with it last night. It is very comfortable, I just have to get used to it I think. I ditched it around 5am this morning. Baby steps...

I had a dream last night that I was married to Matt Damon and he was some kind of military deserter and they were after him. And then after he left I found out he had another wife and child in another country...

That must have come from reading the Pilots Wife. It was nice to be married to Matt Damon for a little while though...

Although of course, nothing compares to my Dave ;)

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