Gingerly Lizzy

Total Excitement
2003-01-16 - 8:43 a.m.

No one is updating. I don't have much to read. Update people! Update! Your diaries are the reason I can bear to sit at this boring job day in and day out!

Dave and I watched About a Boy last night. SUCH A GOOD MOVIE! I highly reccomend it.

I just realized, only 28 more days until we find out whether this little baby inside of me is pink or blue. 17 more days and I will be halfway through this pregnancy.

It seems like time flies looking back, and it is starting to get pretty close looking forward. 22 weeks... seems like nothing! I guess I should try and make the most of it and enjoy this pregnancy and some of the last free time that I will have for years to come... if only to make it come faster! LOL

One thing that I am looking most forward to is being able to take little baby kitten home with me to meet my brothers and sisters, dad and the rest of my family and friends over there. Plus, two weeks with my mom baby hogging will be nice I am sure, and I will probably be able to get more sleep than usual.

I can't wait, I can't wait, I can't WAIT!!!

And I know, I know Katie, I will try and get a belly pic in here soon.

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