Gingerly Lizzy

2003-01-20 - 8:51 a.m.

This weekend was INCREDIBLE! The reason being that:


I wasn't expecting it at all because they say your first pregnancy you will usually feel it whithin 17 - 22 weeks (I am 18) and if it is your first, not usually until the later part of that because you mistake it for gas or stomach movements etc. But there is no mistaking this. I know gas and stomach rumbles and this is definitely baby moving!

It started on Friday night, Dave and I went to see Maid in Manhattan and about 1/4 of the way through, I felt this little fluttering in my uterus. It felt like there were butterflies in there, or little bubbles poping! I was so excited and told Dave and couldn't stop laughing. I think that pretty much distracted me throughout the movie although I didn't feel anything else... UNTIL we were driving home and then I felt a much stronger little "kick" or something.

For the rest of the weekend I have been feeling it now and then and it is the most wonderful thing in the world! It is making it so real to me and I can't help but love this little person so much already!

I can't wait until it is strong enough so Dave can feel it. As we speak it feels like this little one is doing little tumbles in there, I think this will be one active baby!

I had an almost catastrophe this morning that pretty much ruined this Monday already.

You see, I have a habit of leaving my purse in public places. My highschool friends used to pick it up when they noticed I had absentmindedly left it and carry it around (unbeknownst to me) until I realized an hour later that I didn't have it with me and started freaking out at which time it would be pulled out of hiding with a stern warning attached.

This morning I went to grab my purse and NO PURSE! I was frantically looking around, getting more panicked by the minute thinking if I left it in the stall at the movie theater on Friday (in which case someone must have taken it), how our credit cards were going to be maxed out and we wouldn't be able to afford any baby stuff and I was hyperventillating and crying simultaneously and DAVID wasn't being too supportive.

Well, after putting all my cards on hold, getting into a big fight with David and throwing myself into the throes of a nervous breakdown, I walked out to my car, already late for work and realized I had put it behind my passengers seat when I went to the gym on saturday.


What is the matter with me? Honestly!

It must be the first sign of this "pregnancy amnesia" all my books keep talking about because otherwise, I am committing myself into the nearest hospital.

Now I have to explain this to David and apologize for calling him a not-so-nice name. Oops.

I they all say it only goes downhill from here...

Oh boy, we are in for some trouble!

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