Gingerly Lizzy

Baby Pulse
2003-01-21 - 8:52 a.m.

You know, every time Dave and I go crib shopping, we seem to get in a tiff over something. ???? We are going to have to get over this because otherwise our baby will be sleeping in a dresser drawer! LOL

Ever since the baby moved, I have been feeling it left and right. Last night, while Dave and I were watching "Joe Millionaire" (I know, I know, scold me later), the baby was kicking so hard and I had my hand on my tummy and I actually FELT it a couple times! Every time I feel it, I can picture this tiny little person playing around, doing HER little excercises and tumbles and it just makes me want to kiss my belly and swoon away. I finally found a way to describe what it feels like. You know how sometimes if you lie on a hard surface on your tummy, you can feel your pulse beat against the floor? or maybe if you lie really still, you can feel the blood pulsing? If you STILL have no idea what I am talking about, put your finger to your wrist and feel for your pulse, and that is kind of what it is like. Except of course, it isn't that rhythmic, usually one or two sometimes three off beat little bumps and MUCH HARDER or course, and from somewhere in this belly of mine.

It honestly is like a bowl of instant CHEER. I get so happy everytime I feel it and it is a constant reminder of this wonderful change that is happening in my life.

For some reason though, now I am getting boy vibes, but my mother always told me to go with your first instinct so that is what I am doing.

My fingers are finally free of the acrylic mess that was their prison. I got off an hour early from work yesterday and headed to the nail salon where torture ensued. The only thing WORSE than getting them put on, is having them ripped off. It literally feels like your nails are being ripped from the tender pink nail beds they are so securly attached too.

And now I am sporting a nice peachy pink manicure which was probably a bad idea since I'm not supposed to use nail polish remover while pregnant, but I didn't know how to tell that wonderfully concerned asian nail artist no. He kept insisting and so I gave in. Not to mention I am a glutton for those nice hand and arm massages they give you with a manicure.

It must have been indulge day because I also indulged on my neverending craving for KFC and brought a bucket home for Dave and I to enjoy before our crib shopping outing.

AND I took a WARM (not hot) bubble bath, although I can't truly enjoy it as much anymore because I am afraid that I am cooking the baby in there. But it was still nice.

So today my lunch consists of GRAPES, CARROTS, COTTAGE CHEESE, TWO COOKIES, and the leftover KFC... Almost healthy right? Lets just see if I can actually get it to last until LUNCH TIME though.

And today will be a Loooooooong day, because it is a seminar day and that means only a 1/2 hr for lunch, and not many people in the office. You will either be able to find me at as MUM2BE or playing alchemy.

And to think, it is ONLY Tuesday.


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