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Just for Kicks
2003-01-22 - 11:14 a.m.

I missed my hubby last night :( He worked the late shift and didn't get home till after 11pm when I was already in bed soundly sleeping.

I got a nice elbow the the forhead last night, and it was a strong one! It didn't really hurt though, just scared me and I was just glad it wasn't my eye! Dave felt really badly but I told him not too, it always provides laughs.

The baby is kicking even harder this morning. I can feel it with my hand now if I have it in the right place. It seems whenever Dave goes to feel it, it stops abruptly... he can't wait to feel it and yet this baby seems to be playing tricks on him!!!

I broke down last night and went to look at baby stuff at target after work to kill some time. I came out with two little t-shirts (0-3 months) and pants to match and teeny-weeny little socks. In green and yellow of course since I can't yet buy pink or blue. I figure these will be part of my layette. They are SOOOO cute! I must have folded and unfolded them 100 times last night, imagining our little one wearing them, I even called Katie to tell her I was THAT excited.

This little person is already taking over my life and I love it!

It makes me laugh everytime I feel her kick, I think she has some good rhythm because I SWEAR she kicked out "Who let the Dogs Out" last night.

Sleeping seems to be getting more difficult. I don't know if it is because of this growing belly, my sore back or my wandering mind but I can't seem to fall into a deep sleep anymore. And to think it is only going to get worse from here on out!

Still, I am blissfully happy and right where I want to be!

Thanks for all of your encouraging notes ladies! It is so much more fun to share this experience with all of you!

xoxo - Dizzy Lizzy

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