Gingerly Lizzy

Jelly Doughnuts
2003-01-29 - 8:56 a.m.

Never go grocery shopping while pregnant and with a car whose trunk doesn't open.

I carried, way more than I should have, and trying to get all the grocery's out of my retarded trunk was a feat within itself.

But I did manage to reorganize the ENTIRE bathroom pantry. And Dave called me Martha Stewart when he got home so it was all worth it.

And I watched the Presidents address on the state of the union - and yeah, please don't leave ugly messages in my guestbook, but I really like that President.

I also managed to get in American Idol and I can't believe that Simon guy told that little kid he didn't like his performance. What a jerk! You had to laugh at the kids response of "the Caucasian dude didn't like it" or something like that. Caucasian... a politically correct 4 year old, I love it!

I told Dave from now on he needs to fight the urge to wake me up with snuggles when he gets home late. The problem is, once I am awake, I can't seem to get back to sleep, and end up talking his ear off until 2 a.m. and then come in to work like today, drooling all over my keyboard, trying desperately not to get key-imprints all over the side of my face as I slumber.

Someone tell my body to stop craving Krispy Kreme jelly filled doughnuts. I was hoping this pregnancy would bring on cravings of oh...say... celery sticks and melba toast? But no, I crave Kentucky Fried Chicken and jelly doughnuts. And despite David's reassurance, I think there is some growth going on in the backside "dumptruck" regions. Nooooooooo!

My mission for today: Find the ultimate pregnancy workout DVD before stretch marks take over MY LIFE! (Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated).

And Mal, does it really mean I am an obnoxious pregnant lady if I absentmindedly rest my hand on my growing belly every now and then?

If so.... oh oh.

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