Gingerly Lizzy

2003-02-04 - 8:41 a.m.

The roads were a little icy driving to work this morning. I found the car sliding a few times. That is always scary. I can't even imagine how bad it will be if Dave and I end up in Michigan. Maybe I will root for California instead ;)

I started doing yoga this weekend (which is probably why I got hit with a case of nasty, nightime Charlie Horses), but today, I feel really good after my episode last night. The DVD is a tad too new-agey for me, but it is good for a couple laughs when Dave is around and when he is not, the relaxation stuff feels good but I REFUSE to chant. That is just too weird.

There is one part of the video where the instructor just tells the women to dance and so it shows all these preggo women letting-go-freestyle-like. It is slightly humorous but for physical fitness sake, I go along with it.

Some of them kinda look like big blobs moving around in a lava lamp. At least that is the visual that came to my mind.

Nice and limber. A good feeling when you feel like a blimp the rest of the time. Today, the hunt is on for a decent maternity swimsuit so I can go swim on the nights that Dave works late. I think that weightless feeling would really help me out right about now.

I made stir-fry for dinner last night. I must say, it did turn out quite well and Dave and I finished off the whole thing. I have decided that I will cook on the nights that Dave is home (mon,wed,fri,sat) and the rest will be eat whatever you want night. I just hate cooking for myself, and so I will enjoy my peanut butter on whole wheat toast, cottage cheese and assorted fruites. YUM!

What a BORING entry this is. Someone save me from myself!

Last night, as Dave and I were lying in bed, the baby started kicking so I put Daves hand on my tummy and right then it kicked HARD. Dave couldn't believe how hard it was. Considering I am only 20 weeks along, I think this is going to be one BIG, STRONG baby!!!


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