Gingerly Lizzy

Reading For Money
2003-02-05 - 8:55 a.m.

Oh Joan... I totally know what you are talking about. I know that most women having their first run past their due date, I have no expectations of coming before or on June 22. I wish I had a job that kept me busy (and would be nicer if I were on my feet) but at this point, I feel as if I am wasting more time being at work! Besides the money factor of course.

But honestly, this tailbone is already making things unbearable. Some people might think I am exaggerating, but trust me... I can usually suck it up pretty well but this is really starting to get to me.

And ever notice how those doughnut pillows are so small that you end up hanging off of them, which cuts off the circulation to your legs? LOL There is no winning here!

I have started going through all the junk in the nursery. I am such a memory hoarder. I have a HUGE box full of things my mom kept for me from gradeschool, things I kept from highschool, David and Liz dating memorabilia... I went through a lot of it last night and forced myself to throw a lot of it away. It is nice to have memories but it is hard to draw the line. I still have a lot to go and am determined to make it all fit in ONE big box. This should be quite a feat.

It is SO cold out today. I am sure that it will warm up a lot, since the sun is warm and bright. I hope the snow keeps on coming though (despite what my body says)... we really need the moisture here.

I have really managed to get caught up on my reading. I have read one book every two days (usually over 500 pages) for the last two weeks. Yesterday I finished John Grisham's - The Painted House (very, very good), today I start on "The Brethren". I am raiding the in-law's home library to save myself some money and a trip to the library. What a job! Paid to read! And be in pain...

*Sigh* I miss the good old days when I actually had WORK to do!


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