Gingerly Lizzy

Michael Jackson
2003-02-07 - 9:13 a.m.

I am really getting ticked off by the idiot who keeps signing my guestbook with some porn site as the URL. LIKE I DON'T REALIZE THAT SHYGIRLS or whatever it is, is not someones actual web page. SO ANNOYING! I am gonna write Andrew today and see if there is anything that can be done about that.

So last night I watched that Michael Jackson thing... my oh my, what a fruitcake. I feel sad for him though, it is obvious he is absolutely oblivious to so many things and completely miserable. And as for the kids that are supposedly his, (yeah right, toe blonde hair on a child who is his? I didn't know that plastic surgery changes your genetic code!) poor things, forced to walk around in masks, not having a mommy and living in such seclusion like that.

So what do you think I dreamt about last night? Well, hanging out with Michael Jackson at his house when I should be studying for a final I had the next day (Liz Taylor and Jennifer Anniston were there) and somehow ended up kissing Matt? from Tough Enough 3. I think I have been watching too much tv lately. LOL

I ordered a decent maternity swimsuit from old Navy and as soon as I get it, I am going to start swimming on the nights that Dave works late. I am pretty excited about this and I think the water will feel pretty darn good.

I also played Mozart with headphones pressed to my tummy last night. The baby directly kicked the headphone hard a couple times so I don't know if that is a sign that SHE likes it or not!

Thank Heavens it is Friday. I really don't think I could stand one more day of work this week. Next week I took Wednesday off (find out what baby is day!) to make a day of it with Dave and do some shopping. So you will have to wait until Thursday for the big report.

And then of course presidents day next Monday so it should be a nice week for me!


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