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2003-02-10 - 8:59 a.m.

What a wonderful weekend! And it is about time!

We accompanied a ton of friends to Applebees for dinner on Saturday night, and then back to our house for a battle of the sexes, (cranium - which of COURSE, the females won!), like six couples crammed into our not so big living room. Lots of laughs were had and I was able to chat with a lady who was in the same predicament as I... pregnant that is. Man, how the gory stories fly when you get two pregnant women together! LOL

Saturday-day, I managed to clean the whole apartment from top to bottom (nesting instincts kicking in), AND go to PIER 1 and not buy ANYTHING but a couple candles. "Good Lizzy".

I also picked up a box of chocolates from Mrs. Cavanaughs for Dave for V-Day. Now I am pretty sure this is just a store found in Utah but if you know of a way to get your hands on these, I suggest you do. These chocolates are 100% natural ingredients and the BEST I have ever had. You know how you get an assorted box of chocolates and there are usually a bunch of kinds that you didn't like leftover? Well, these chocolates are SO good that it is almost a guarantee that you will eat EVERY ONE IN THE BOX. Better than Godiva, better than Laura Secord. I promise... BAD FOR YOUR HIPS. They should come with a warning label.

Here is the website it you are interested:

So right now, they are sitting in the cupboard (of course one he never looks in) and all the rest of the day Saturday, and Sunday, they were calling my name. Did I resist? YES! Now I just have to keep resisting until Feb 14th. OOOh the torture!

Baby hasn't been as active this weekend as usual. I am just calling it a sleepy weekend and not worrying.

Wednesday is the big ultra sound day. Lets hope it is a girl folks because if it is a boy, LET THE NAMING WARS BEGIN! Dave and I cannot for the life of us, agree on a boy's name. We are stumped and I see very little way around it since EVERY name he loves and I hate or I love and he hates. I may have to pull the old "first child my choice" tactic on him. So if it is a girl, that is already decided and peace will reign.

The crib is scheduled to come on Thursday and so that means I have to have the nursery cleared of debris by then so we can get it in and set it up. GOOD LUCK LIZZY.

One day, I will own a house with a BIG room, with LOTS of shelves and the room with be strictly for storage. OH THE POSSIBILITIES!

Happy Monday!

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