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Weekend Rambles
2003-02-14 - 8:34 a.m.

Today at work, my goal is the catch up on all my paper journal writing. I have been pretty good about keeping up my "dear baby" journal, but my regular journal hasn't been written in since I found out I was pregnant... I think.

You should have seen me last night. Mrs. Productive Extra ordinaire. The crib and changing table arrived last night. So I set out on a mission. To conquer the piles of paper and memory books, material and crafts and storage that was hold up in the nursery. No small task I assure you! I also needed to move the desk/computer into the living room.

And I accomplished my goal. Mind you are there still a few odds and ends sitting in the hall that need to be sorted and put away but all in all, I did a pretty good job. I am NOT to crazy about the desk and computer being in the living room but there really isn't any other place to put it so there it stays. And I managed to fit most of our storage into the hall closet and THAT took some organization.

Then came the task of putting together the changing table (I wasn't about to attempt the crib on my own). Piece of cake or so I thought... The directions were TERRIBLE! I had to pretty much guess at where everything went. After a couple hours of putting together, taking apart, putting together, taking apart, I think I finally got it right. It is stable and looks good. And the room is on its way to being a nursery! YEY!

Since Dave has the whole day off today (and had Wed, and most of Monday) I don't feel badly in giving him the task of attempting to set up the crib. This makes me a little nervous because of the two of us, I am the best at putting things together and following directions. But I will have faith in my husband and hope that there aren't any parts left out when I get home :)

I was SO tired and grumpy when I arrived at work this morning. The fact that everything fell out of my bag onto the wet asphalt while getting out of the car didn't help. But a couple emails from friends with their responses to my massive "baby boy" email cheered me right up! Thanks FRIENDS!

My boss is oh... about 45 minutes late to work. I find it hilarious that he is supposed to be here at the same time as I am and NEVER is. And then I get here like ten-fifteen minutes late once and awhile and I get that guilt feeling from him. (Not that he gives me a hard time, it is just in the silence I guess).

I guess that is the fun of being the BOSS.

Trying to fall asleep last night was no small feat. My little boy decided to kick my bladder with all his might and no matter how much I poked, prodded and jiggled my tummy, he was having a ball and wouldn't stop. Oh well, gotta love him!

I am SO glad it is Friday, and this is a nice three day weekend for me! The plan is to FIND a dresser for the nursery. So far, no luck finding one that I am happy with, and I feel like I have looked everywhere!

And yes, it is Valentines Day. I almost forgot. I don't think that Dave has anything planned as of right now (while he is snoring away) but I "talked" to him last night about how sometimes I feel like I am always taking the initiative for special occasions and he never does so we will see if that has any effect on the day.

AND TOMORROW, Katie and I have some really good Canadian friends coming into town for the weekend. One that used to like me (yes both are male) and one that used to LOVE Katie. But, since we have known them since we were little rugrats, we had no problem moving past that and becoming friends. They are planning on joining us for dinner tomorrow night (Dave too of course) and it should be interesting to see how "Jer" reacts to Katie since I think she looks a lot cuter since he last saw her, and has always kind of had a thing for her.

Wow, I am just going on, and on and on today. I am sure you are all sick of hearing me but I have to just mention that yesterday when I was online, I came across some GREAT baby sales at Gap, Old Navy and Gymboree and got quite a few things. I am considering myself to be economical though because they are darling things for REALLY good prices. So if you are in the neighborhood for some baby stuff, I say you cruise on over to there.

I hope everyone has a LOVERLY Valentines day and a wonderful weekend! I'll be back on Tuesday and hopefully with belly and ultrasound pics!


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