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So many changes, So little time...
2003-02-19 - 9:00 a.m.

So wanna hear about my most frightening dream? Not in the way that you might think...

Someone tell me WHY I was dreaming that I was the mother of Rod Stewarts love child and why I realized this holding her in my arms at my church while he sang "Everybody Plays the Fool" (which isn't even by him), to the entire congregation, shouting out to us and boy was I embarrassed. First because Rod kept bringing us big extravagant presents while he was singing and no one ELSE was getting presents. Secondly because I am 23 and Rod Stewart is how old? And EWWWWWWWWW!

I just wanna know what prompted Rod Stewart to be a part of my dream in the first place. I haven't heard a song by the guy in ages and haven't seen any news clips about him recently or anything so what is the DEAL?

You gotta laugh at my twisted, demented mind!

Last night I managed to do a great job of cleaning the apartment before some visiting ladies from my church came over. One of them is an RN, and I asked if she had ever heard of anything being done for a painful broken-and-healed-terribly-wrong tailbone. She said she had heard of one doctor who would ... *ahem*... insert his finger (you guess where) and manipulate it to be in the right position.

Now mind you, this doesn't guarantee that it will stay in that position and if you ask me, the CURE seems just as bad as the AILMENT.


I got all three packages of baby clothes yesterday. I went on a mini shopping spree last week and ordered a few things from Old Navy, Gymboree, and Baby Gap. They were having BIG sales and I don't think I paid more than $15 for any one item.

SOOOOO darling! Oh my gosh! I wanted to show Dave right away but of course it was a late night for him. I must have folded and refolded them a hundred times last night. Tiny little long john striped pajamas, white baby bundler with little blue airplanes, little navy blue fleece cargo pants, khaki shortalls with sailboat embroidery and a little white onesie with anchors embroidered all over to go with, a little yellow hoody with football logos down the sleeves...

SO DARLING! I am cutting myself off from buying anything else until after baby showers. CUT OFF!!!

When Dave got home at 12a.m., I had to drag myself out of bed so he could ooh and ahh over them with me in his presence. I am such a nut.

The baby was SO active yesterday. At one point, I think he might have had hiccups as the little "bumps" were pretty rhythmic for awhile. I can also feel him move around more now, like rolling over or moving to another location. It is almost brings on a feeling of nauseousness. I also feel him press what must be a bum or a head against one side of my tummy and just stay there, which is a weird feeling. But I love all of it!

Dave and I talked about the whole work situation last night. This tailbone has just made this job utterly unbearable and now seems to be accompanied by lower back pain (oh, the joys of being one of the O* women, my sister mother and I all suffer...). I just don't think if it gets much worse, that I will be able to sit in this chair for eight hours a day. I told Dave I am going to set a goal to at least make it into April and then see how I feel. In the meantime, this is a worry. There goes my medical benefits and we don't know if Daves would cover me since this was a pre-existing condition. We are going to have to do our research there.

I would at least try to work part time until the baby comes, there is no way I could be home ALL day with nothing to do. I would rather be here on my sore, sore butt.

As for this diary, I don't think it will last too much longer. When the baby comes, I won't be sitting in front of a computer every day. I am sure that I will be able to update once or twice a week but not like now. And maybe I will just let it go for good. It will feel good though... to start a new chapter in my life.

So many changes, so little time.

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