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We don't need no...
2003-02-20 - 8:41 a.m.

121 days until my due date! Not too long from now and we will be in the double digits... and not to mention that in two days, I will be going into my sixth month!

I read on my weekly update that the baby, if born now, would have an 85% chance of surviving. But of course, with that would come a 50% chance that he would develop permanent problems because of it.

So bun, you better stay in that oven!

One of our family friends stopped by with her husband last night. They have only been married for a few months and already she is expecting. She is also only about a month along and looks like she is about three! They think she might be having twins. Her mother was a twin and her father also has twins on his side.

CAN YOU IMAGINE! Not me, no thanks. I will take one at a time.

I helped Dave study all his bones and muscles last night (no, not the ones literally on his body ;) He has his certification test today and if he gets 80 or higher, he gets a $300 bonus... wish him luck!

My boss is going to look into the company's maternity leave policy for me. Perhaps this will be a way of taking a few weeks off before the baby and keeping my benefits. I am just not sure how it works when you aren't planning on returning to work.

Whoa, the little guy is moving around quite a bit this morning (may be those fruity pebbles I had for breakfast!) and seems to be "pushing" instead of tapping on the inside of my tummy. Quite a weird sensation! I think that not too long from now, and my tummy will start to have angles!

Dave got up early with me this morning so he could do some last minute cramming. I love it when he does that, it allows me to poke him on his tush with my butter knife when he gives me his "good morning" mooning, and show him my rendition of Pink Floyds slightly altered song of "We don't need no edumacation" complete with the guitar riffs and finger pointing disco dancing.

I guess if they give me this much energy, I should eat fruity pebbles EVERY morning!

I feel like we should be starting to get more baby stuff, but at the same time, I am almost scared that would jinx something. So I think I will wait until after my shower before I go crazy, and just save up the money now.

I read and talk to these girls (my friend last night) who are like a month along and have most of their stuff and I am just like whaaaa? What if something happened? What if you get tons of doubles at your shower and then have to take on the annoying task of returning everything? I told Dave that if anything happened (for some reason if the baby didn't make it), I would go home to mom and dad in Canada for a couple weeks and his job in the meantime would be to get rid of all the baby evidence.

He accused me of negative thinking. I just like to think that I am emotionally prepared! LOL

Thanks for all the notes pleading with me not to shut down the diary when the baby comes. They make me feel all warm and tingly inside.

I will try and commit to an update at least once a week then. How is that?

I think it would be harder than I think it would be to stop writing here...

But then again, with a new baby, I don't think I will have too much else on my mind.

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