Gingerly Lizzy

Snow, snow, snow
2003-02-25 - 9:01 a.m.

Boy, did we ever get snow! So there is a seminar going on at work this morning, which meant that I needed to be on time, but when I opened my door and saw what looked like three feet of snow on the ground, I knew I wasn't getting anywhere very fast.

Fast forward to me trekking out in said three feet of snow in nothing but a pair of flat black shoes.

Fast forward to me trying to clear three feet of snow off my car with an 8 inch car scraper and my mittens.

The neighbor across the street trying to suppress giggles as this pregnant lady tries to keep snow off her feet while using her mittened hand to swoop great mounds of snow off the roof of her car... onto her feet.

And what is it with Utah drivers thinking that two inches of solid ice on the road is a good time to drive like a kamikaze? "I HAVE SNOW TIRES SO IT DON'T BOTHER ME NONE" yeah right reject, get off my tail and go cause an accident somewhere else.

Nothing irks me more than these Utahns who don't have a CLUE how to drive in the snow. That could be why I saw three accidents on my way to work this morning.

Let us Canadians show em how it's done eh?

So I show up to work, late of course. My boss' car all pristine in the parking lot, beat me to it. (Hey HE has a garage!).

And now I am sitting at my desk, somewhat miserable because the bottoms of my pants and my socks are soaked. Squish, squish, squish.

I REALLY need to stop watching Maternity Ward on TLC. Not because it freaks me out, or because of blood and guts (actually don't mind that so much), but because I think it may cause me to go into labor early. I read somewhere that watching other women go into labor or reading about it can cause labor pains in women. And I think I might have been having some last night. Or, it could have just been the fish sticks that I ate for dinner. Still...

And someone tell my brain that dreaming of poisonous snakes over-running the house and trying to kill my family is NOT cool.

Peace Out.

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