Gingerly Lizzy

2003-02-27 - 11:54 a.m.

Extreme Charlie horse in my back meant little to no sleep last night and sleeping in and late to work this morning. So why does my lower back still hurt? As I get bigger, so do these pains *sigh*

Good thing this is all gonna be worth it!

I did manage to convince Dave to go swimming with me after work yesterday. I was hoping that would mean a good nights sleep, but of course I wasn't that lucky. I must have lulled the little guy to sleep for quite awhile because he was still for most of the night... UNTIL I tried to go to sleep and then decided it would be a good hour to kick. Of course, that isn't something that can annoy me at this point. I still love it!

It was fun though. We definitely need goggles, my eyes were smarting for the rest of the night.

It felt nice to feel weightless since that is definitely not something I have felt for awhile now. And the water was so WARM! I can easily see how women want water birth. If I wasn't so paranoid, I would have one myself.

Katie called this morning and said she hadn't yet received her results yet... so we are still waiting and waiting.

I did some reasearch, and it looks like there are three different kinds of thyroid cancer, the most common is pretty much curable in most cases. The other two, not so much. So we will hope for the best, and a little surgery.

I have a cranbrerry and turkey croissant sandwhich in my bag that is just calling my name. I am going to try and hold out until 1pm to scarf it down. It will give me something to do - excersise my willpower.

No luck with the pics yet. I am thinking I might just have to take some regular ones and have them transfered to a disk to upload. I have a roll of film that needs to be finished and developed so that will be my task for the weekend.

Dizzy Lizzy

*UPDATE : Katie's test results came back, they are all benign! YEY! Thanks for the thoughts and prayers!

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