Gingerly Lizzy

Little foot
2003-02-28 - 8:42 a.m.

Last night was amazing. I was lying in bed reading Paul Risers "Babyhood" and felt a little something poke my tummy. When I felt that spot, I felt a hard little something just poking out... I think it was a foot. I massaged it a little and it moved over a little and I massaged it a little more and I think the baby liked it because he didn't move his foot.

It was incredible to have that contact with him, even if it was through a layer of skin and uterus!

For some reason I am incredibly short of breath this morning. I feel like no matter how I breath, I can't get enough oxygen in and it is starting to freak me out.

I tend to get panicky when this happens. Call it "inner claustrophobia" (I do have a bit of regular old claustrophobia to boot!). I have heard this is normal as your uterus expands and pushes against your diaphragm, and that thought scares me.

The baby booty goal this month is to hunt down and purchase the following:

Crib Mattress

Car Seat


Baby Care Set (with teeny weeny nail clippers, thermometer, and all that good stuff)

I am determined to find the crib mattress tomorrow as well as get a book teaching me how to crochet and yarn so I can start on a baby blanket. I want to be responsible for making at least one thing besides the baby himself!

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