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Random thoughts once again
2003-03-07 - 8:56 a.m.

I am making quite good progress on my baby blanket. It is already about 6 inches in length, for three days of knitting, that isn't too bad and at this rate I should have it done long before the little guy arrives.

Last night I:

Did Laundry (2 loads)

Scrubbed the shower and bathtub

Unloaded/loaded the dishwasher

Swept the kitchen floor

Tidied up the kitchen

Put clean laundry away

Changed the sheets on the bed

Wiped down the baseboards in the bathroom

Wathed that "Family" show where they compete for a million bucks

Made dinner of Polish sausages and chicken rice.

Got an obscene phone call (sorta) - from Dave

Watched my tummy jump with baby kicks

Ate three peanut butter/fudge oreos and a bowl full of strawberries

Missed Dave

Went to bed by myself

Woke up to little Dave kisses on my shoulder to say "hello, I am home, I love you"

Went back to sleep, had really wacko dreams and woke up once to baby kicking and twice to use the bathroom

And that folks,

Was my night. What an interesting life I lead eh?

We handed our taxes in to our accountant. Our accountant is actually the man who lives across the street. The one whose family Dave's family is like family to. HUH?

It is pretty nice to have someone do your taxes for free... and he knows the best ways to go about doing them so we get maximum returns.

Cross your fingers for us, I would love to pay off a credit card or two!

Good news and bad news relating to eBay. I won the entire crib set that I was hoping not to, and I was oubid on the crib skirt that I still kinda wanted if I didn't get the crib set. I promised myself if I was oubid on either, I would NOT bid any higher and just let it go. I had to fight with myself once this morning, but I am doing good at sticking to my guns.

Yesterday had to be one of the longest work days on the face of the earth. That is why I am SOOOOOOO glad today is Friday. Watch it be the second longest work day on the face of the earth.

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