Gingerly Lizzy

Happy Day
2003-03-10 - 1:34 p.m.

Wow! My third entry today! I must be bored or something!!!

You know you aren't happy with your job when:

You would gladly get a needle in the arm for an extra hour of work off.

LOL! That is me, it is check my thyroid day today so I get to leave in an hour and a half to make a dr.'s appointment and take my car to the shop to try and remedy that darn squealing belt that should have been fixed the LAST time I brought it in.

I just got back from lunch where I stuffed myself at the restaurant with YUMMY Quesadilla. Oooh, the perks of having hubby's family in the restaurant bus.

It is so AMAZING outside. It feels like it has to be between 65 and 70 degrees out there. With the bright sun and the beautiful snow covered mountains in the background - I love Utah today.

Oh, and three more days to go and we will be into double digits in the countdown! YEY!


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