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2003-03-11 - 8:18 a.m.

Mollie, I think you are right. This definitely must be my "grey month". I can't seem to shake these blues and they aren't particularly caused by one thing... more like an accumulation. Work, missing home and my family, stressing over the future, the weight of all the things that need to be done before baby gets here, my ever growing body, ETC.

Dave picked me up last night, we took my car in and then sped off to the Dr.'s office to get my thyroid levels checked. Only one poke and she found the vein (yey!). I think taking the bandaid off caused a lot more pain and damage then the needle itself. What do they USE on those things, super glue???

We then went in search of a dresser for the little guy. First place we went was a big empty wharehouse that didn't have much in it. Turns out that this company just moved in and hadn't really organized or anything yet. Looked like remnants to me? I guess this was the place where they send furniture when it gets a ding or scratch and they don't want to leave it in the showroom.

We managed to dig around sans help and find a darling six drawer dresser that was marked at $150! It only had a few minor (barely visible) little scratches. It was pretty solid, natural wood (matches our nursery set) with navy blue wooden drawers and natural knobs. We managed to talk her down to $130 and loaded it in the truck (Dave's bro. lent it to us) and VOILA! Task accomplished with minimal time and expense. Even Dave's parents agreed with our choice and that we had got a good bargain. It looks darling in the little guys room.

After dinner of perogies I was itching to do a little more baby shopping. The list of things I still need is long and I am not counting on too many big things from the baby shower. I know that the majority of the things I get will mostly be clothes. That is fine with me. There are just too many baby showers thrown here all the time and people aren't as generous as they would be say... back home?

I am not complaining or anything. It is the same with Weddings. There are always so many that if you bought an expensive present for each one, you would be in trouble. Dave and I seem to get at least one or two wedding announcements PER MONTH!!!

But this also means that we are going to have to pick up most of the major things ourselves. We are hoping that Dave's parents will contribute a stroller, my parents will contribute something, I am not quite sure what but being 3000 miles away in a different country definitely makes it a little harder for them.

Dave doesn't seem to understand that it is wiser to start buying things now, a little every month, instead of being swamped the month before the pregnancy.

Having no experience with babies, he also has no idea of how much stuff you need for a baby. This makes "baby stuff shopping" something that often results in me getting upset with him and last night was no different.

I haven't been extravagant in the LEAST. In fact, I think if anything, I have been more thrifty than most (expcept for the bedding but one of those will be re-sold anyway). Yet as I pointed out different things we were going to need, Dave would argue that we didn't need that. I would have to explain why we DID need it, that we weren't having a puppy but a CHILD.

Every time I suggested picking up a particular item now, he would say "we don't need to get that now" FOR EVERYTHING! I calmly pointed out that the baby was coming, and in a short time, and if we didn't start getting things, we were going to be left with a million things to buy all at once.

It ended with me frustrated, angry and almost in tears and David in oblivion thinking I was being unreasonable. As most of these kinds of shopping trips do.

After talking for a bit, I was able to make him see a little more clearly about the situation and I promised myself that from now on, Katie will be my shopping partner in crime for all the little things.

When we got home, I pulled out our "list", after taking a nice long look at it, Dave agreed that he was being a tad unreasonable (we had fun making up later as well ;)


We made out of Target with the Fisher Price Soothing baby monitor that projects a little light show onto the ceiling (it was one of th cheaper monitors believe it or not!), some lap pads, some snap-side t-shirts for the first couple weeks when the little guys belly button is healing (those things are NOT easy to find!), some playtex nursers and inserts, and some knuk pacifiers.

We played around with the monitor. It got some mixed reviews, complaining about static and what not but our apartment is all on one floor and no place is ever so far away from the baby's room so it worked just fine and we both thought the light show was a great touch that the little guy will love.

I forgot to mention my earlier phone call with my mother. We were chatting about various things when Dave's parents came down to look at the dresser. I told her to hold on a sec while they talked about the nursery and how cute it would be etc. etc.

When I got back on the phone and said "sorry mom, I'm back" there was UTTER SILENCE.


This could only mean one thing. My mom was too overcome with emotion to talk. She had overheard Dave's family in conversation about the nursery and baby and what not and since she is so far away, it is breaking her heart that she can't be here sharing in all of this.

After some gentle prodding I was able to get her to stop crying and talk to me. At that point, I was almost overcome with tears myself and as soon as we hung up the phone, I made a beeline for the bedroom to waste a roll of toilet paper on my tears.

THIS STINKS! I miss my family and especially my mom at this time. We are close and my mom was a great mom and loves all things baby. We are going to try really hard to get her out here so that she can be here for the birth of my baby. With a maximum two week window that she can take off of work (she teaches immigrants about Canada and the English language for citizenship classes), we know that it is a small window of opportunity. I would love to have her there, more than anything... at this point, this is one of my greatest desires. Pray that things will work out kay?

I know this entry is LONG but at this point, getting it all out helps me feel some release so that is exactly what I am going to do!

At the dr.'s office, of course, you have the agonizing WEIGHING OF THE PREGNANT LADY.

OH MY GOSH! People? I have gained 20 LBS!!! ALREADY! And coming into the final trimester where I am supposed to gain a lb/week is not making me very happy.

I just don't understand it! I mean honestly, Dave and I have both noticed that yes, I have put on some weight but it doesn't seem all that noticeable. Dave would be honest with me here and being a fitness buff/personal trainer himself, he is pretty good at judging these things.

Now I am terrified. This means I am going to kick my butt in gear as far as cardio goes and cut out all the junk from my diet (which was some, but didn't seem to be too much!)

I will ask the Dr. at my next appointment what he thinks. If he tells me I have gained too much, I think I am going to CRY, right then and there. I am not so used to a Dr. telling me that I am gaining too much weight, or anyone for that matter.

My mom informed me that she only gained 20lbs her ENTIRE pregnancy. Hey, I ASKED! So much for taking after her!

I am scheduled to go to the rec center for some swimming tonight with two of my preggo friends. That is right, cardio and eating right for me folks!


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