Gingerly Lizzy

Packages pour moi?
2003-03-14 - 12:37 p.m.

I love days where I get packages in the mail and today I made out like a bandit in that respect. I got BOTH crib sets,now I just have to decide between the two.

I also received the side snap baby t-shirts I ordered (for when his little belly button is healing)as well as the invite for Lan's and my baby shower next Sat. (That is IF she doesn't go into labor after Wed.)

Other things I am waiting for in the mail are:

2 natural willow shelf baskets with liners for the changing table from Pier1
1 Red chair cushion for my rocking chair from Pier1
One folding (for storage) baby bathtub from BabyStyle
One darling baby outfit with NEW YORK (Hey, I love NY!) on the front from BabyStyle

I also bid on another Bjorn carrier. I hope I get this one. So far the bid is up to $45, but for a brand new, 2003, Baby Bjorn carrier, that 'aint too bad!

Wish me lucky bidding!

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