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99 days of pregnancy on the wall...
2003-03-14 - 8:28 a.m.

Dang it! At the last minute I was outbid on a baby Bjorn carrier that I really, really wanted at Ebay. Oh well, if at first you don't succeed, bid, bid again.

I have been so tired this past week! I don't know whether it is because I haven't been getting enough excersize or whether it is because I am coming to the end of my second trimester.

I had a very bland turkey pot pie for dinner last night, watched the news and then decided I would take a little nap before I did some chores around the house. So much for that. I went down at around 8 and didn't wake up till around 10pm and when I did wake up, I was still so tired that I decided to just get ready for bed and call it a night.

I only woke up once at 2:20 am just as David was getting into bed.

"Where have you been?" I mumbled half asleep but at the same time wondering if my husband has been cheating on me...

"I went to the bathroom... I have been sleeping since 12:30"

Me, incredulously: "And I didn't wake up?"

Dave, even MORE incredulously: "You didn't know I was home? I came to bed and snuggled you and everything!"

He starts laughing and I can't believe that he even SNUGGLED me and I didn't even wake up.

Man, that is fatigue.

I was just glad my husband wasn't cheating on me (like he ever would!) and went back to sleep.

Then sometime this morning, I had a dream that I was in my bathroom singing Avril Lavignes "I'm with you" at the top of my lungs. I had red hair.

Don't ask.

Right now I am reading "The Girlfriends Guide to Surviving the First Year" or something like that. I figure since I will probably be so busy with the baby and what not, I won't have much time to read so I am getting it done now. Man, that book has managed to scare me a bit at the lack of sleep, personal time and the feelings that I might experience. I figure that is a good thing though. They I won't be bombarded when all these things DO happen. I will expect them.

And as for the sleep thing, that is the reason I convinced my sister Katie to move to Utah in the first place (haha, not really Kate but still...). Now she can just take the baby for a few hours while I nap away. Lucky, Lucky me!

My nanny friends (particularly Ang...) are throwing a combined baby shower for Lan and I possibly on the 22nd. It will be great to see them all again and celebrate in this. That is, if Lan can hold off having her baby, she has gone into labor a few times already (she is actually due in April but it is a BIG baby!) and she is pretty sure early this next week she will go.

Ahhh, I wish it was my time!

Oh well, at least we are into double digits now... 99 MORE DAYS!

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