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2003-03-19 - 1:10 p.m.

It just seems like there is so much going on at the moment, I am not sure what to write about. Take it one thing at a time I guess...

I had a Dr's appointment this morning. It was for my glucose test and regular check-up. I had to drink a bottle of this vile, sweet orange stuff and get the finger poke an hour later. With all the sugar that I eat, I expected it to be rocket high and have to endure a sweet free diet. But ALAS, it is in normal range and YEY! I am okay! My iron also came back normal, my blood pressure was good and my weight gain has been okay! I am not gaining too much, as I thought I had been, so that is really good news.

After the battery of tests, we had to wait for a room to open up and then we had to wait for the doctor, FOR 45 minutes! Ug! Since I am seeing an OB/GYN group practice, there are five possible dr.s that could deliver the little guy. I like this scenario because 1) They are all excellent physicians with a VERY good reputation in the area 2) This means that I will have at least had one visit with the dr. who will deliver the baby. This often isn't the case for women who see only one dr., especially if he is busy. My mother only had her doctor deliver a couple times, the rest of the times, he couldn't make it because of other delivery's etc. So this works out nicely. Anyway, there is one woman dr. in this office and my appointment was with her today.

I LOVED HER! She was so friendly and took a lot of time with us... and maybe I liked her even more because the first thing she said to me when she walked in the room was that I have "amazingly beautiful skin", and that this was a lucky baby because good skin comes from good skinned parents.

So yeah, I am hoping that she will be the one to deliver the little guy.

I also asked her how long they would let me go over my due date before they induced, the answer was a week. So heres to hoping that I have the baby on my due date or later, that way, Mum will be here to experience it with me! I will be one of the few women who WANT this bun to stay in the oven until the last possible minute!

The Dr. explained that these next few weeks I would still be in the red zone (meaning that if the baby was born now, it would have to spend a significant amount of time in the hospital with possible defects from being so premature) but then after that, it was a waiting game.

I can remember when I was 12 and 13 weeks along, being happy that I was past that danger zone and looking ahead, the point where I am now seemed so far away at that time, and here I am! I can't believe it!

The little guy made his presence felt ALL NIGHT last night. He kicked so hard, I spent a lot of the night pressing my hand against my tummy to help it not be so uncomfortable. The Dr. said she couldn't feel his head (she was checking to see if he was head down) which meant he is either still a small guy or he is just buried in there. I am pretty sure he is head down though because last night, he had hiccups for a good 1/2 hour and I felt them way down low. Not to mention the brunt of his kicks were up pretty high.


In other news, It seems that Katie and tropic boy have come to an end. At least for now. His college baseball career seems to just take up most of his time, with family in a close second and his relationship didn't seem to be falling into his category of priorities. Katie talked to him about possibly seeing other people, then they reconciled (mostly his idea) then he told her that he needs "self-time" ... GRRRRR, I hate that line.

So, my little sister is going through heartbreak yet again. She told me that March must be the breakup month because it was this month that she ended her 7 year relationship.

I hate seeing her upset, and going through this. In some ways, I feel so motherly towards her, I feel like I worry like a mother, about everything that is happening to her, how she is faring... etc. I get a glimpse of how much a neurotic worrier I will be as a mum.

I try to tell her that one day she will be looking back on this, not at it with eyes full of tears, but I know that doesn't help much... it never helped me very much when I was going through it, and I can still remember that sting.

All I can say is: Katie, you aren't alone in these feelings. Billions of girls have been right where you are since the beginning of time. Cry it out, eat lots of chocolate, but most importantly, just know that you are LOVED MORE THAN LIFE! And one day you will find him... you are beautiful, intelligent, fun, caring, witty and with a sarcastic humor that could rival any fellow Canadian. I am there for you at any time, and always will be. You are my most darlingest little sister, my best friend and if I could shelter you from all of this, I would. But since I can't, just know that you always have this strong (somewhat soft at the moment) shoulder to cry on. And maybe you just had to have some extra room in your life for this new little guy who will be coming into it, and loving you as much as I do!

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