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Baby Supplies
2003-03-21 - 8:35 a.m.

TGIF! I never get tired of being excited for the weekend. NO SIREEEE, At least while I am still at this job.

And once again, catsnapples hits it on the head (3rd paragraph) with the REAL reason behind WHY we are going to war. Yes, peace is wonderful and great but it comes at a cost because not all people believe in FREEDOM (*ahem* certain dictators) and instead believe in BRUTALITY. Many people who are out there on the streets, seem to think that somehow, the Iraqis people are much better off living under Saddams rule. Would you like to? The majority of the people in the country (67% in fact) support this war for various reasons. I find it interesting that most of the non-supporters are made up mostly of younger generations who haven't experienced much of war, while the older, wiser generations back Bush. Idealism. Hmmm. (And please don't go leaving nasty messages in my guestbook. This is MY opinion to which I am entitled to write about in my own diary and for those who say "well then why have a guestbook? My answer is: Not to debate with. Thanks!)

... I was all by my lonesome last night and decided that I was sick of turning to channel and channel of war news. So, I headed to Target to do a little baby shopping and came away with:

A cute white lamp with a blue gingham lampshade

A white picture frame with tiny blue footprints all over it

A package of swaddlers diapers with the belly button notch cut out

A package of pre-fold diapers to use for burp cloths and what not

Two nuke soothers

Two bottles and slow flow nipples (I do plan to breastfeed though)

A white, short sleeved, polo style maternity shirt

Baby Shower present for Lan.

Card for wedding reception we are going to tonight

And... a much more upbeat attitude.

Until I talked to Dave and he balked and we had to have yet ANOTHER conversation about how babies need lots of things, non of which I purchased that were frivolous (okay, maybe the pic frame but hey, I want to have SOMETHING to put that darling little ultra sound pic in) and we are not going to put off getting them until the last minute.


I have about a million and one resumes to type so I better get to it.

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