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No more politics.
2003-03-24 - 8:42 a.m.

I am sick of war talk. And please, I don't mind people expressing their opinions in my guestbook, just please leave a URL or email address or SOMETHING. And as for the nameless person who did... I am sorry, but I am not swayed from my original opinion. Until you can give me some answers that are different than the ones that I have been hearing, [no proof of weapons of mass dest. (according the the CIA, this seems not to be the case this weekend), war is not the answer (then what is?)] then please, you are wasting your time.

I don't want to turn this into a big debate. Over 77% of the country feels the same way I do - Yes, war is horrible, but sometimes it IS the answer. If it had never ever happened, The U.S. wouldn't even exist in the first place, billions of people would still be enslaved, billions of people would be persecuted because of their religious beliefs, dictators would rule every country, etc. So until you can give me a better reason than: "War is not the answer", I think I will stick to what history has taught me. Thanks for your opinion though! Next time, just leave a URL.

But that is ALL I am going to say on the subject for quite sometime. Hopefully for good. I don't like to get too political in this diary. I am too much of a stubborn person anyway, firm in my beliefs and so there is no point in debating! LOL

Friday night was so much fun. We drove up to Layton, picked Ang up on the way and got to oggle and hold Lan's teeny, tiny new baby. What a beautiful little thing she is! All newborn babies are cute, just because of the new, tiny, innocence factor - but some of them aren't quite what you would call beautiful. Lan's definitely fell into the beautiful category.

Dave and I left the hospital in somewhat of a stupor. It is really starting to hit home that in 3 months (or less, or hopefully not too much more!) we will be in that same situation. Yowzers!

It is exciting, terrifying, exhilarating - all at once.

89 days in my countdown to my due date. The most the Dr. said they would let me go over is a week, so unless I go early, it will be sometime between June 22 (on which I will actually be a couple days overdue) and June 29. Lets hope it is in between those days so that my mum can be there. *crossing fingers*

Saturday was BEAUTIFUL. Dave came home for lunch which also coincided with a horrible, hormonal MOOD SWING.

What set it off? Well, I banged my funny bone EXTRA hard on the door in the bathroom. Even though it really hurt, I would normally never cry at something like that. But since it made me feel extra clumbsy, and I was having an "I feel fat and ugly and I am going to be pregnant FOREVER" day, it was followed by audible sobs which I unsuccessfully tried to mask from my worried husband.

I decided that I HAD to get out of the house so Katie and I went to the mall to do a shopping. Well, Katie did most of the shopping, I just helped.

Then we went to Coldstone for ice cream where I got a HUGE peanut butter, fudge, caramel ice cream with peanut butter cup. It was so gooey, and was just the thing I needed to cheer me up.

Dave and I went grocery shopping and then to Ruby Tuesday's for dinner. I am now addicted to their chicken fingers with lovely honey mustard sauce. I have been craving it ever since.

Sunday we went to church, came home for a nice long nap and dinner and settled down to watch the Academy Awards. Blehg. So sick of the celebrity brew-ha-ha.

The only thing that wrecks Sunday's is the fact that Monday comes next. Which I dread... going back to work.

In three months though, that will all change. One day will run into the next and no more will I have a "day off" to do as I please. I will also probably be suffering from severe sleep deprivation, but hey, at least I will have the little guy to snuggle up NEXT to instead of having him snuggling inside me and head-butting me in the bladder all the time.

Oh... to be able to "hold it" again!

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